This page links you to the  NLS Specialties, Inc...  Search Engine

 Suggestion...  Print this page as a "map" through the Search process.

1. Click on the Search Engine and fill in at least one field.  

2. Product Category is the first field. A scroll down button helps you choose.

3. Word Search can help narrow your search. (For example: Jacket in Product Search, Fleece in Word Search, or Watch in Product Search  and Seiko in Word Search. )

4. Price Range - Fill in your price range. Prices are for blank products, sometimes there is an added fee for the FS shield.

5. Search Button - Search at any time, even with only one field filled in.

When you see

- Web Catalog - Look at web catalogs by clicking on these in the top right hand corner of  the screen. Use your computer "back" button to return to the search page.


* If you use our Search Engine, please give us the opportunity to quote your items. Some set up costs are not clearly marked. Remember - NLS ALWAYS DISCOUNTS CATALOG PRICES!


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